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More About Amanda

Amanda McCauley’s mixed media work fuses materials from the natural world. Each piece of art is meticulously made with a variety of collaged flowers, sticks, moss, leaves and other natural materials.

With a degree in Design, Amanda created a novel idea, the art of pressed flowers + graphics .

She produces her own exhibitions and shows her creations in a cross-section of traditional and non-traditional venues. She maintains a rigorous studio practice, and is currently developing teaching workshops to share her love of flowers and art.

With a passionate drive to enact positive change in the world, Amanda donates a significant portion of her work to the many causes she supports. Her works are held in private collections across the country. She currently lives and works in New York.

For inquiries, pricing, & commission ideas, please contact her directly at

Personal Statement from the Artist

For me, art making is a healing and meditative practice. Interacting with nature's elements gives me a sense of being connected to all things of this earth and beyond. After foraging and collecting the flora, I deconstruct the petals and position them in large flower presses to reshape and dry. The pieces are then re-imagined into graphic works of art. Often layered, collaged, color-enhanced, with touches of gold leaf, and suspended in thin layers of encaustic, my work is an act of heightened consciousness.

In harnessing the energy of nature and capturing cycles of the natural world, I am both an observer and participant as the elements magically lock into place. Foraging, shaping, preserving, and building natural works open channels of curiosity and wonder. It's almost as if the petals direct me where, when and how; I am merely a vessel for imagination, creation and presentation. I do the work and Nature shows me how.


  • Artist’s Studio Tour / Lopez Island, WA 2019 - COMING UP NEXT !

  • The Gathering Place at The Hamlet / Lopez Island, WA 2019

  • Artist’s Studio Tour / Lopez Island, WA 2018

  • Artist’s Studio Tour / Lopez Island, WA 2017

  • Manhattan Pop-Up/ "State of Affairs" /Thursday May 18, 2017

  • Artist’s Studio Tour / Lopez Island, WA 2016

  • Venice Art Walk / "Seen, Not Heard" / Venice Beach, CA 2016

  • Quirk Gallery / "Seen, Not Heard" / Richmond, VA 2016

  • Art at The JCC / Group Show / Various Works / Santa Barbara, CA 2016

  • Artist’s Studio Tour / Lopez Island, WA 2015

  • Pop-Up Gallery / "The Seacret Garden" / Venice Beach, CA 2015

  • The Underground Kitchen / "The Seventh Floor" / Richmond, VA 2015

  • The Prestwould / "The Seventh Floor" / Richmond, VA 2015

  • Artist’s Studio Tour / Lopez Island, WA 2014

  • Pop-Up Gallery / "A Natural Attraction" / Venice Beach, CA 2014

  • Artist’s Studio Tour / Lopez Island, WA 2013

  • Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center / "Breakthrough Discoveries" / Seattle, WA 2013

  • Pop-Up Gallery / "The Nature of LA" / Venice Beach, CA 2013

  • Pop-Up Gallery / "The Secret's In The Trees" / Richmond, VA 2013

  • Artist’s Studio Tour/ Lopez Island, WA 2012

  • Roan Shop Pop-Up / "In & Out of Time" / Richmond, VA 2012

  • Artist’s Studio Tour / Lopez Island, WA 2011

  • Pop-Up Gallery / "Botanical Interpretations" / Islandscape Nursery / Lopez Island, WA 2011

  • Pop-Up Gallery / "Into the Wild" / Richmond, VA 2011