1. Will the color fade over time?

Depending on the individual artwork, yes and/no. Certain artworks have permanent color added-in, using marker or chalk paint, others are all natural with no color added-in. Some pieces are a mix of the two. When the foliage is all natural, the color WILL fade over time. This process is part of the art form. As the flowers age, the color softens and become more precious and delicate, like a vintage antique. Some of the most beautiful pressed flower works I’ve seen in museums are hundreds of years old; the older they are, the more valuable they become. Watching the flowers change over time is beautiful, and the translucent quality that takes place is exquisite and rare. The ones with color are preserved to last. Care must still be maintained, such as do not place in direct sun, or in a very extreme temperature either hot or cold. These beauties are delicate and must be treated with respect.
2. Can the art be shipped ? Is it durable enough to make the trip ?

Yes. The encaustic wax sealant provides long-lasting durability and preservation so your art piece will stand the test of time. If this seal was not added, your flowers would chip, break, curl and ultimately disintegrate. Everything turns to dust in the end ! 

 4. How long does it take to make a piece?

Like any art form, the time it takes to make a piece is unpredictable. Sometimes a piece will come together quickly, and other times a piece can take months. Each piece is unique to itself, but typically, the biggest one's I've created (all over 6 feet) have taken about 3 weeks to 1 month to complete. This does not include the time it takes to collect the elements, deconstruct them, and arrange in the presses to flatten and dry. Add on another 3 weeks to 1 month for this process. *This is an average time for drying and pressing flowers - certain flowers are very squishy, and will need specific treatment, longer drying time, and a lot of attention during the process.

6. Where do you find your flowers?

Most of the flowers come from Lopez Island, WA. During the spring and summer, the flowers there bloom in abundance. I am very fortunate to have access to the most beautiful gardens on the island. These gardens are spectacular, each one offering it’s own blend of goodies and styles. But most of all, the gardens are fenced-in, a key ingredient for protection from the deer.

When I’m not on the island, I have been known to find flowers in parking lots, highway roadsides (yay tumbleweeds!) and other obscure places they might grow. I have used fresh cut flowers from florists, and have even taken some right off of the dining room table. I am always looking for new flowers to try, and new places to find them.
7. What kind of adhesive do you use?

A top quality, acid-free archival polyvinyl acetate glue. I also use encaustic wax when sealing the art works.


Any other questions? please feel free to contact me at the email address made available through this website. I'd be happy to help in any way I can. XO