Old McCauley Made A Farm

Creating a Pig, Lamb, and Cow came as a commission request from friend-warrior-tribe-leader Tiffany Schauer. Tiff is an environmental lawyer, human & animal rights activist, ocean advocate and dedicated Vegan.  She, and her tribe of Fabulosos (more on them in due time – trust me, each tribe member deserves their own blog post) spend their time promoting sustainability and social justice through her foundation called: Our Children’s Earth. To find out more go to OCEFOUNDATION.ORG

Although I’m not full Vegan, I was super excited to receive this project having been so inspired by this group of modern and progressive smarties. I have witnessed and taken part in their passion behind a plant-based lifestyle, and I have to say, it’s pretty darn infectious.  It feels like an intelligent choice on so many levels –  for ALL living beings.

Tiffany has a farm in the Catskills, NY and plans to turn it into an animal sanctuary. My works will be housed there. Knowing this, I made the animals as "family portraits", not showing the whole form - just the neck and head.  Further into the process, I realized how fun it would be to grant them “ROYAL” status, adorning them with crowns as symbols of respect and celebration.      

I soon realized I needed to make more of these – a SERIES of original farm animals with crowns.  And for the first time ever, I also plan to make some Limited Edition Prints, signed and numbered, complete with gold foil printing, (if I can pull it off) coming soon to a show near YOU !

I don’t know where, why or how this may turn into something bigger than just a new art series – but it feels right to put it under the GROWLOVE part of my work. I have a feeling this will automatically Grow, Love, and Expand into the Universe for All Creatures Great and Small.