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What's Your Bag ?


I started this project as a way to make “one thing a day”. You know, to keep my brain, my petals, and my fingers limber. My intent was to make 1/day- whether it was any good didn’t matter. Just pressing on was the goal. 🥅 🙌

Turns out, this project has become an internal check-in for me. Where is my head, heart or gut on any given day? Emojis can say it all in a wink, a tear, or a prayer. That’s why we love them so much and use them so freely.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Also turns out, I can't make one of these in less than 5 hours. 😕 I thought these would be faster to make but alas, my work is painstakingly slow. There are many steps to completion. I've adjusted my timeline and the project is now 1/week. ☑️


As for the bags, there are two reasons: First, because the medium is the message, as every designer knows. We carry around these emotions i.e. emojis with us all day in real life. They're what’s inside of us and we bring them with us wherever we go. And always in our pockets or bag, is a cell phone, just waiting to communicate something. Second, because I’m focused on using more recycled materials in my work. To make do with whatever I have on hand. This is another useful way to create something with what is readily available. Scraps into Art!

What I like best about emojis is discovering the new ways people choose a particular one to express themselves. Sure there are definitions for each little yellow face (and beyond) but how do you use them in your everyday life? There is much room for interpretation and it's fun to see all the variation and meanings from different people. It can go on forever. What do they mean to you ? 🤔

Whenever I'm ready to make a new one, I think "what's my #mood today? #whatsmybag ?

#Moodoftheday, #whatsyourbag, #bagit, #instamood, #me, #you, #nofilter, #life.